Bucha’s ghosts.

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After the tragedy in Buch, I started interviewing friends who were there and collecting their stories. One of them turned out to be very interesting. Artist Oleksandr Krolykovskiy helped in the morgue to French criminologists, as a volunteer carrying dozens of corpses and describing their wounds. To distract him from such a state, I gave him the opportunity to live in my apartment in Kyiv. Communication with him inspired me to paint a painting series “Buch’s Ghosts”.

I see this series as an explanation to the world about the breaking out of hell. Explanation on my emotional levels Although do I know what a person who has faced hell feels and what hell does bumping into people? I don’t know, I can only imagine a very small part. On the one hand these are rational explanations of criminalists, on the other hand, irrational feelings of the artist. And the reaction of Europeans to the artistic project. Every viewer is also a part of this feeling. What what exactly can the viewer of the exhibition say about Bucha? How do people imagine it?

It was the awareness of Bucha by Europeans that changed the world and gave Ukraine a chance to win. I as an artist, I often speak on behalf of the dead, not only the dead of Bucha, but also hundreds of other cities destroyed by the Russians. This exhibition wanted to show the boundary between the world of the living and the world the dead The border symbolized by the black polythene bags in which the corpses are wrapped and on which made paintings. This is the limit crossed by the executioners who returned from Bucha no longer as human beings. AND that horror, the horror of genocide, which people thought had already been forgotten. This black polythene is a texture exhibitions and as if looking from the other world, from the beyond, at us. As Alexander said Krolykovsky – “I don’t have good news for you, but there are good white bags from Europe” Yes he said dead and this phrase is for me the motto of what is happening. Because every day the Russians kill people and the choir of the dead sings louder and louder. And painting resembles singing. Or not so?



1982 – was born on October 15.
2000 – graduated from the Taras Shevchenko State Art High School in Kyiv, Faculty of
Painting. Teachers of specialty O. Zhyvotkov and V. Belous.
2007 – graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA)
with a degree in scenography and film scenography. Lecturer Associate Professor A.
Kirichenko and Professor V. Budnikov.
2008 – Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
2011 – he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
2011 – 2019 – taught composition (main specialty) at the National Academy of Fine Arts
and Architecture. Scenography.
2009 – 2011 – taught the art of film art at the Karpenko-Kari National University.
2011 – 2014 – He taught the history of theater and cinema at the Kyiv Polytechnic
2019 – 2022 – Worked as director of the Tadzio Gallery


Among them we can note the joint exhibition of the duo Krolikowski and R. Pozherskis
Photos of the creation of worlds"
Russian cartoon that has become a reality"
Armadonetsk" exhibition by Sergei Zakharov.
Plein Air on the Front Line"
Exhibition and plainer of Lithuanian and Ukrainian artists.
And the organization of the plein air on the front line.


2022 – Mini Art Center. “Vulkan Vitosha” Sofia Bulgaria
2022 – Magdeburg Shauspiller Hause . Magdeburg Germany
2021 – Institute of Contemporary Art Kyiv "Visit to the Minotaur" Kyiv
2020 – Tadzio Gallery “Once Again About Don Quixote” Kyiv
2019 – Kalnas Gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 – San Francisco Live Worms Gallery "Singing Fields" (40 works catalog)
2015 – Rainbow", Tadzio Gallery Kyiv
2013 – Napoleon", Tadzio Gallery Kyiv


2019 – Project "Shadow of a Dream over the Gardens of Giardini". Venice Biennale,
2018 – “Kyiv Art Week project“ Užupis – responsibility for freedom ”sculpture and
2017 – Evolution" Institute of Contemporary Art (triptych King Wilch 270 by 420)
2017 – Art Parallels" exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chernivtsi
Foundation (angel with accordion 100 by 100) culture Chernivtsi Art Museum.
2015 – Collective Dreams" Institute of Contemporary Art 4 works from the series
Holodomor" 160 on 40.

2009 – exhibition Cherry Orchard of Alexandrovich-Dochevsky museum of
outstanding figures of Ukrainian art 2009. 5 works
2010 – ”Krakozyabr" Alexandrovich F – Severin Yu. Museum of the Academy (30 works)
2010 –  branch of the Russian Museum Chocolate House 21 work series Napoleon"
2010 – squat projects "umbilical cord! 2 works of cardboard and ink and Volga –
installation using the car gogolfest
2010 – meridians of the heart"
Ter Bruggen Modern Visions 2013 Chernihiv Art Museum. Territory of the Soul2007 2006 Ukrainian House 2002
2007 – participation in the plein air TAXIS exhibition on it in Chernivtsi Bucharest and
Vienna (10 works).
2012 – Exhibition of Ukrainian artists at the Royal Palace. Jordan.
2010 – Exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine Gallery Brancusa".
Bucharest, Romania.


2008 – 2013 – he created and managed the Danylo Lider Theater Center at the
Since 2003 – he has been working in Ukrainian theaters as a production designer.
2003 – 2006 – he worked as a decorator at the Lesya Ukrainka National Drama Theater
of Russia.
2003 – 2019 – he staged as a set designer and costume designer about forty
performances from which it is possible to note
2019 – “Contact line” National Ukrainian House
2016 – der WIJ" State Theater in Magdeburg Germany
2013 – imitation of fashion vices" Russian theater named after Uspekaev Lugansk
2013 – Glass Zoo" Ivan Franko National Theater, Kyiv.
2012 – Priests, cops, loot, grandmothers" wildteatr Kyiv
2012 – Eyelashes 2 0 wildteatr city Kyiv
2012 – Dream of a Funny Man" Ivan Franko National Theater
2012 – I am the heir" Ivan Franko National Theater
2011 – Mata Hari" Nikolaev Russian Theater
2009 – on the field of blood" Ivan Franko National Theater
2009 – players" theater in Podil
2011 – Doctor's Novel" Academic Theater in Lypky
2011 – Lie Detector" Ukrainian Drama Theater Mykolaiv
2012 – resurrected and evil" Ukrainian Drama Theater, Mykolaiv
2010 – Return" Ozerkevich Theater Kolomyia
2009 – Talentless" Academic Theater in Lypkie
2009 – Uspekayev Theater "Lesson" Luhansk
2008 – Two Maples" Academic Theater in Lypkie
2008 – Luhansk Supekaev Theater "Sanya, Vanya, With them Rimas" Luhansk
2008 – Professional" Kyiv Constellation Theater
2007 – The Courtship at Goncharova" Chernihiv Shevchenko Music and Drama
Theater 2006 "Unattainable" Sevastopol Russian Theater
2005 – Fire Chasers" Theater of the Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus
Gomel 2006 "Love under the Elms" Cherkasy Academic Ukrainian Theater
2006 – Aeneid" Mykolayiv Ukrainian Drama Theater
2004 – Zaporozhets over the Danube" Mykolayiv Ukrainian Drama Theater
2004 – Puppet House" Chernihiv Youth Theater

2003 – Farewell Harlequin" Chernihiv Youth Theater and others
Sketches of performances were presented at the Kyiv Triennial of Scenography in
2010. 2013 and 2016 at the Kyiv National Art Gallery and Triennial Catalogue.
At the exhibitions of theater artists in the gallery Artist the results of the season 2013
2014, 2015, 2016 and the Institute of Contemporary Art Theater without Theater ideas
FIGHT – FIGHT!. 2014
2014 – Awards prize for the best scenography festival "homo ludenis" performance
2014 – an independent jury was elected to represent Ukraine at the Prague
Quadrennial, the war situation postponed this opportunity.


author of three collections of poems "Ice Sun", "Coast" "House of the Wind" in 2015 at
the invitation of the New York Pen Club performed at the "Cooper Union Theater" the
best stage of the United States with other writers and global thinkers on the world two
fantastic stories utopia and dystopia May 4-10 11 world voice festival of international


As a director co-authored with Artem Ryzhikov in such short films
Find our boy" 2010.
Time to go home" 2012.
As an artist in the following short films:
Obstacle" 2010.
autumn summer" 2010.
I want you to be like that" 2010.
Lesichka came to you" 2007.
The film about my work and the investigation of the Chernobyl disaster on my idea
Russian Woodpecker" won the festival "Sundens" in 2015 with the wording of the
Ducal protagonist, after which the film was presented at more than 100 festivals around
the world in the competition program, including the most prestigious, such as the
Sheffield England Festival and CPH DOX in Washington. He won a number of awards.
A full-length film Snake Bride is in production.
and The Way to the Dark Tower.


2015 – The main award of the festival of biographical films in Bologna, (Italy) the best
biography of the world.